1 year ago

17 October, 2016


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Speakeasy Flinders

Hey Speakies!

Our fabulous Treasurer Alicia is leaving us! We thank her for all her hard work over the years, but this also means we're looking for her replacement!

We're looking for someone we know and trust to step up and take charge of all money-managing for our fantastic club. If you're interested in nominating, please read the detailed description below.

If you have any questions about the position, please feel free to send us an inbox - this is an important role and we'd love to see it go to the best person for the job.


Position: "Treasurer"

Estimated hours per week: 1-2 (subject to increase in the week of an event)

The Treasurer is part of the Speakeasy Executive, and the third signatory on the Speakeasy NAB Savers Account. The Treasurer will be trusted with control of Speakeasy’s finances, and must therefore show themselves to be a reliable, trustworthy person.

Responsibilities of the Treasurer include:

-Liaising with the President and Vice President to apply for General Funding, to set an event budget, and to provide financial reimbursement from the Speakeasy NAB Savers Account when agreed upon.
-Balancing Speakeasy’s finances, and keeping financial records to provide when required.
-Assisting with any event setup and pack-down, and any additional Event Day assistance that is needed by the President and Vice President.


To nominate, please show up at the SGM and fill out the nomination form. If you want a say in the future of Speakeasy, come along and vote for your preferred candidate!

Yay democracy!