1 year ago

16 November, 2016

93 Rundle Mall, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia

Organised by:
Socialist Alternative Adelaide

Trump, the epitome of everything that is disgusting and unequal and unjust about this system, looks to have won. A billionaire bigot who was one of the two most unpopular candidates to ever run for US president.

The other one was Hillary Clinton - the personification of the capitalist establishment who has spent the last fifty years climbing the rungs of power and siding with the one per cent.

In a country where average workers' wages are below 1970 levels, where inequality is at historic highs, where the whole system is so manifestly rigged against the poor, he dishonestly decried the Washington elite and called for change, while she responded by saying "America is already great". He is a disgusting racist, imperialist and bigot. But so is she. In a world where democracy is a farce, the masses are made powerless and no genuine options are on offer, Trump won. For that we can thank the Democrats.
It doesn't mean he is popular. He isn't. Sanders would have wiped the floor with him. People are right to be shocked and outraged that such a despicable creature will be US president, but that outcome was guaranteed in advance.

His key base is not the much-maligned "white working class". The richer you are, the more likely you were to vote Trump.

The time now is for resistance, realising the utter failure of liberal politics to deal with the current crisis of world capitalism or offer any solutions, and instead to embrace radicalism, rebellion and a revolutionary critique of this system.

Come to this forum to discuss how the fuck this could have happened, and how we can organise to challenge Trump's right-wing, pro-capitalist, racist and imperialist agenda.