2 years ago

9 March, 2016

Health Sciences Bldg Rm 123-128 (see directions below)

Organised by:
Flinders University Philosophy Club

'How to argue like a philosopher; concerns around Animal Abolishionism.'

At the first meeting of 2016, we invite members to revisit what it means to present good arguments, while looking at the nature of our concerns about the lives of animals.
Attached is a short summary of Socrate’s use of the elenchus, which is a guide to successfully arguing and debating any subject in a philosophical manner.
The opening topic for the meeting will be how and why we are concerned about animals; why some concerns are such that we will be motivated to act on them, and other concerns we will not. The meeting's conversation is likely to stray, so we can also discuss your favourite topic if you want to bring it up.

The links below contain two short readings; a 6 minute Khan video about moral status; an MP3 file and pdf of an interview with Animal Abolishionist, Gary L Francioni.

Date: Wednesday 9th March
Time: 3pm to 5pm
Place: Health Science Building, (Registry Rd, RHS of gym, adjacent Ring Rd, near where busses do their loop)
Room: 123-128 - sign on door

Nibbles provided!

Links as discussed:
http://bit.ly/1QD3S0L Socrates 'How To Argue' tips
http://bit.ly/1oW3TWt Video on moral status
http://bit.ly/21rxhGr Concerns ~
http://bit.ly/1Lmwbo7 pdf Animal Abolishionism
http://bit.ly/1Urn0VA mp3 Animal Abolishionism
http://bit.ly/24u0yiS philosophy bites source