2 years ago

27 April, 2016

Oasis Common Room inside Marketing and Communications Bldg behind Drama Centre

Organised by:
Flinders University Philosophy Club

This event will feature short movie clips intervened with panel /audience discussion. We will cover:
• The Trolley Problem, which asks: is it OK to push someone in front of a trolley to save the lives of others?
o Please do this (FUN) questionnaire beforehand, to find out where you REALLY stand on this and similar questions: http://www.philosophyexperiments.com/fatman/Default.aspx Don’t worry if you don’t get to it – because we can do it as a group on the lovely big screen in the cosy Oasis Common Room.
(also, for those audio-oriented people among us, here is a podcast about utilitarian ethics: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hmcy4mcjt3m3ok7/PEL_ep009_9-6-09.mp3?dl=0 )

• Theories of justice, which will ask: What is the job of a good political arrangement?
• Disability as a social status, and how that can also be true for so called "able-bodied" persons.

AGM Announcement – In addition to this, we will be holding the world’s fastest AGM, in order to satisfy the conditions of our continued affiliation with the very supportive FUSA.

Directions: Oasis is inside the semicircular Marketing and Communications Building, right next to the Drama Centre. You go in through the main door, left down the stairs to the Common Room.

All Welcome
Coffee, tea and snacks provided