2 years ago

8 June, 2016

Multimedia Lounge, Student Hub, Level 0 ~ Flinders University ~ WED the 8th!

Organised by:
Flinders University Philosophy Club

Philosopher Dr Lina Eriksson will be presenting a feature talk, and taking extended Q & A about this topic:
There is a general consensus that we need to do something about mitigating climate change, and adjusting to the climate change that we can't avoid. Climate change is expensive, and involve costs both for the damage that is at this very moment being caused by the pollution we have already done, and for keeping emissions down in the future. Perhaps this is a case of ‘those who cause the mess clean it up.’ Or perhaps those who can fix the problem should fix the problem, without a blame game. Both of these accounts are, however, problematic. Further, it is not clear how we should allocate emission rights from now on. This talk investigates what philosophers have had to say about the distribution of costs for climate change, both those associated with previous emissions, and those associated with keeping emissions down in the future: of who should pay for what.

About Dr Lina Eriksson: After having done two BA's - one in mathematics and one in political science – Lina Eriksson did her PhD in political science/political theory at the Political Science department at Goteborg University, Sweden. Her doctoral studies also included a year at Harvard University, USA on a Fulbright scholarship. In 2005, she then moved to the Philosophy Program at Australian National University, where she did a post doc on several different projects for 5 years. In 2010, she took up a position as a Lecturer in philosophy at Flinders University.