1 year ago

12 October, 2016

Multimedia room, Hub, level 0, Flinders University

Organised by:
Flinders University Philosophy Club

Dr Matthew Usher (Matt) wrote his thesis under the supervision of Professor George Couvalis, who is known to many philosophy club members. Matt's thesis is titled 'Pain and pleasure in Plato and cognitive science.' In discussing the role of pain and pleasure in the good life, Matt will: draw on Plato’s account of pleasures and pains; debate whether pleasures and pains can be true or false; describe emotional attitudes and sensational impacts; look at how we attach meaning and emotion to our life experiences and why this is significant. Expectations and other cognitive content will be discussed as well as the nervous system and modern research in cognitive science​. To cap it off, he will invite us to consider some puzzles around Masochism!