2 years ago

4 May, 2016

FMC lecture threatres

Organised by:
Flinders Medical Science Student Society FUMSS

Semester’s coming to an end fam and we’re here to throw some more love your way.

With the weather getting colder, we’ve collectively designed 2016’s med sci jumpers and we’re pleased to announce the opening of our sales!! LIT design and only $45!!
We don’t have demo sizes, but as always we have solutions. Below we attached size charts and although we’ll be able to give you a rough ideas/measurements, we’d recommend you to measure up your favourite jumper to get the best fit.

As for sale times, we’ll be chilling out front of the FMC’s lecture theatres as follows:

Wednesday 1-2pm
Thursday 2-4pm
Friday 10-12pm

Monday 10-11:30am
Tuesday 1-3pm
Wednesday 12-2pm
Thursday 2-4pm

If you wanna do it online through your bank, message the FUMSS page so we can send you the account details and keep track of who has paid.

See you soon fam xx