1 year ago

7 September, 2016

Social Sciences South, Room 154

Organised by:
Flinders Law Students Association

FLSA must hold an Annual General Meeting each year as per clause 60 of our Constitution.

At the AGM, the Executive Committee will be presenting reports on their activities and operations for the year of 2016. This will also include a financial report of FLSA's expenditures.

We all know AGM's arent the most riveting of events, so FLSA's got you covered. Free pizza will be provided for those that attend the meeting.

This AGM will also include proposals of amendments to the current Constitution due to new degrees offered by the Law School and matters concerning notice of FLSA events.

Please note that an open forum will also be held for those wishing to nominate for an Executive position in 2017. Students will have the opportunity to ask the candidates questions after their speeches.

Peoples that have voting and speaking rights at this meeting includes students admitted to one of the following degrees:
- LLB/LP (Grad Entry)
- BJS (Law Pathway)
- Legal Doctorate
- And former premium members of FLSA or those that have joined the Association as Non Law Members

If you have any questions, please email Ann at secretary@flsa.org.au