3 years ago

1 June, 2015

Flinders University Law School, LWCM 1.08

Organised by:
Flinders Law Students Association

It's that time of the semester, and we know you all want to do your best. First year exams can be daunting, but there is support and resources here to help!

There will be 4 exam seminars held for first year students; 2 of these will be law related and 2 will be for justice and society students.

These seminars are here to help you prepare for exams and to understand the processes and requirements. Law and justice and society staff members will be leading the sessions. Mentors will also be present to share their experiences not just in law or justice and society, but also in any accompanying degrees they have experience in for those students undertaking a double degree. These seminars will be on:-

Monday 1 June 11am-12pm - Law
LWCM 0.03 Moot Court

Tuesday 2 June 2pm-4pm - Justice and Society
EDUC 3.23-3.24

Friday 5 June 12pm-1.30pm - Law
LWCM 0.03 Moot Court

Friday 5 June 1.30pm-3pm - Justice and Society
LWCM 0.03 Moot Court

If you have any queries feel free to swing by the Flinders Law Students' Association and Flinders Criminal Justice Student Association (CJSA) Office (LWCM 1.08).