3 years ago

12 September, 2015

Mt Lofty Summit

Organised by:
Flinders Law Students Association

Make sure you take some time out for your mental health and physical wellbeing on Saturday 12 September with FLSA's Mt Lofty Walk!

That's right, your Lorna Jane gear can be worn outside of lectures; dust off that Fitbit, find those killer sneakers and prepare to #witnessthefitness!

We will be aiming to leave at 9am, but if you don't function until after 10 feel free to join later! Or earlier, you know, if you're the kind of student who rises before the sun (is that a thing?!)

Do something you'll thank yourself for later and #witnessthefitness as #flsadoeslofty!!

We all know Lofty doesn't count unless you check in, right? So don't forget your #witnessthefitness and #flsadoeslofty hashtags when you do!

See you there for feel good endorphins and the best of company!