1 year ago

24 March, 2017

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Speakeasy Flinders

As part of our Constitution, it's time for Speakeasy to hold our Annual General Meeting. In this meeting we will be voting on all committee positions for 2017. If you've been a part of the Speakeasy community for a few years and would love to get involved, we want you!

You can nominate for the following positions:
Vice President
Zine Editor
General Member

The Present and Vice Present positions are coordinator positions which work together to make all decisions and ensure the overall management of the club, Only students can nominate to be President.

The Treasurer is in charge of managing the books, reimbursing purchases for events (from the Speakeasy account), and keeping track of spending. We do not deal in large amounts of money so this isn't a demanding role, but it helps if you have some affinity with money management.

The Secretary takes minutes at all meetings, and may also be in asked to make room bookings, facilitate printing, or any other necessary errands.

The Zine Editor is in charge of ensuring the bi-annual Zine is produced, from submission callouts, to editing, to crafting and printing. We prefer this position to go to a more experienced person (no first years) as it's a rather big responsibility.

The General Member is an optional position, and is someone with no fixed responsibilities, but who may be asked to help any other committee member with their jobs, from poster design, to catering and to live-tweeting.the events. This is a good position if you wish to get involved but don't have the time for the commitment of the other positions.

We have some exciting ideas for 2017, but none of them will be possible without a robust and passionate committee to make it happen. So come down and join an amazing team (and get a nifty credit you can chuck on your resume), and help us continue the tradition of this amazing community.