1 year ago

7 March, 2017

West Coast Fury Cheer & Tumble

Organised by:
ECU Cheerleading Club

Get excited! It's almost time to try Australia's fastest growing team sport.

Are you a couch potato who's watched 'Bring it On' too many times?

Have you always wanted to fly metres above the ground, do a backflip, or catch that damsel in distress?

ECU Jets Cheer caters to all experience levels, male and female—it doesn’t matter if you’ve been cheering your whole life or have never played a sport before.

In fact, did you know the majority of our club members were brand new sign-ups last year? Most of them had no experience, and many had never learned to handstand or cartwheel. What improvements we've seen in the last year!

If you're looking for a sport that’s a little bit different, if you want to get stronger, fitter, learn some awesome tricks, and make great friends along the way, think about joining the cheer squad! It's a workout that’s so much fun you won’t even realise you’re exercising your whole body.


The ECU Jets Cheer team are the ECU’s official competitive squad at Local, State, and National events in cheerleading.

The ECU Jets Cheer program consists of multiple level Varsity competitive squads who compete at a variety of events each year with our Level 1 Cheer team most recently taking out OVERALL UNIVERSITY CHAMPIONS for 2016.

The ECU Jets Amateur Sports Club will endeavour to place members into levels most likely to offer success and development for them as an individual, and as a team. We strive to have a fair and transparent selection process. The Club acknowledges that some members who trial will not be successful in obtaining a position in the nominated level of their choice, however all participants will be placed into a level.

Positions in speciality teams will be at the discretion of the Coaches and Head of Sport, however those wishing to participate in one of these should register their interest as soon as possible.

Consists of: 2 ½ minute routine— Jumps, tumbles, stunts, and dance.

Please note that all competitions are compulsory for those joining the competitive squads.

TUMBLES (Compulsory for Level 2 athletes || Optional for Level 1 athletes)
Consists of a one hour session once per week.

Consists of: 1 minute stunt routine (up to five in a team);
Competitive Group Stunt Teams are by invitation only.
Recreational Group Stunting is dependent on numbers.

Consists of: 1 minute stunt routine with partner;
Partner Stunt Teams are by invitation only.