1 year ago

12 September, 2016

Deakin University- Geelong Clinical School Of Medicine

Organised by:
Medical Research Student Association Geelong

Associate Professor Hicks AM, has dedicated the last 4 decades, along with his wife Robin, in Ethiopia and (India), serving as the only surgeon for 2 million people for many years. His life’s work has led to amazing experiences, but has also facilitated opportunities such as the development of the Hicks Ethiopian Medical Aid Project that seeks to train medical students and capacity-building for the local community. His work in such an underesourced area has won accolades including becoming a Member of the Order of Australia.

Since he is back in Geelong currently MeDUSA and UHAD have taken the opportunity to invite him to speak to you to describe his incredible journey, provide insight for future doctors and hopefully inspire us all. Promises to be an amazing event

For those not in Geelong or otherwise keen to attend but unable, you can use this live link on the night: https://echosystem.deakin.edu.au:8443/ess/echo/presentation/5aef316f-aae6-4028-a0b3-897acea7eb0a