2 years ago

13 October, 2015

Geelong Clinical School

Organised by:
Deakin University medical Students' Association

Want to learn more about neurosurgery at a big tertiary centrre?
Or would you prefer to dive head-first into third world medicine?
Or would you like to learn more about medical pathology at the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine?

In fourth (and final!) year, you'll get an opportunity to take part in a six-week elective in a speciality and location of your choice.

What ever your passion, come along to the Electives Seminar on Tuesday 13th October.


Structure for the evening:
- Arrive for food, drinks, and hear from our sponsors
6:00pm onwards:
- Adress from HME402 Coordinator Dr Cameron Shaw
- Hear individual talks from students who attended local, national or internal electives.
- Q&A Panel Discussion from all speakers
Expected finish of 8pm.

Remote access available for non-Geelong based clinical sites.

Thank you to our Gold Sponsor DPM, as well as Work the World, MIPS, Bonjiorno and MDA.

Keira Brain (Academic Chair)