2 years ago

24 March, 2016

Beavs Bar

Organised by:
Deakin University Medical Students' Association (MeDUSA)

The GCSC would like to prescribe every Deakin Medical Student with a night mayhem at Beav's Bar. What will the night entail you ask?
The evening will kick off at 8:00pm with drinks, music and food. Then our generous sponsors, DPM, will judge best costumes, so get creative! Finally, as your preliminary dose wears off we will supply an optional secondary dose to top off at Eureka.

WARNING: This medication may cause dizziness, nausea, vomiting and probably severe headache the following day. The GCSC recommends staying hydrated throughout the night. Do not use in conjunction with other medication unless advised by a Doctor (an actual doctor, not medical student, not even two medical students because you think that two 2nd years will add up to a full medical degree...). Do not use on children under the age of 18. If symptoms persist or GCS declines.... maybe see a doctor.

Date: 24th March
Venue: Beav's Bar
Theme: Librarians vs. Barbarians
After party: Eureka (free entry before 1am with your wristbands)

Grab your tickets and don't miss out on a great night!