2 years ago

5 April, 2016

Peter Thwaites Lecture Theatre, Waurn Ponds

Organised by:
Deakin University Medical Students' Association (MeDUSA)

Throughout your life, people have been asking you, "What do you want to be in life?" "A Doctor!" you wound exclaim eagerly.

But now you're in medicine, when people ask you what you want to be in life, the answer of 'a doctor!' no longer suffices, as people want to know what you're going to specialise in.

It's not that cut and dry, however, and it's no easy task deciding which career to pursue. Additionally, the specialty you first choose isn't necessarily going to be the one you end up in.

Come along to the MeDUSA Academic Careers Night to find out about 'where medicine can take you...'. Hear from speakers who have taken different paths through medicine, and are now pursuing avenues such as academia, public health, and volunteering.

Date: Tuesday 5th April
Food: 5:30pm
Presentations: 6:00pm
Location: Peter Thwaites Lecture Theatre, Waurn Ponds

This event is proudly sponsors by DPM, Work the World, the Bongiorno Group, MIPS, and MDA National.
This event is approved and supported by the Deakin University Student Association - DUSA.