3 years ago

25 May, 2015

LT12 (X2.05)

Organised by:
Deakin International Affairs Society

Since the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) conducted the 2011 intervention against the Gaddafi regime and the civil war, Libya has been the definition of a failed state.

With a humanitarian crisis with little international coverage, militants and terrorist organisations such as the Islamic State now run wild against each other and the desperate government. The situation is deteriorating rapidly. Since January there has been an estimated 1750 deaths in the mediterranean sea from migrants leaving Libya in search of a better life.

Deakin's own Middle Eastern experts Aprof Sally Totman Marshall and Dr Mat Hardy are giving a unique lecture on the Libyan situation, how it got to the point that it is and how it might look in the future.

As covered in the most recent post, this event has been changed at the last moment.

Mat and Sally are giving a lecture on this same topic as part of AIE255 "Issues and Themes in Middle East Politics" and have invited us to merge the two lectures into a more broad and interesting coverage of the topic.

The event will now look at intervention in the Middle East, through the context of the Libyan intervention, with an interactive Q&A section in the second half of the lecture.

When: 25/05/2015
Time: 12-2pm
Where: LT12 (X2.05) Then HE1.017