2 years ago

2 September, 2016

LT5 (B3.07), Deakin University Burwood

Organised by:
Malaysian Society Burwood

Wanna be in the committee next year?
Wanna lead the club and be part of the planning of MSDU 2017?
Wanna gain some experiences that are resume worthy?
That's the spirit!

We're stepping down and making way for fresh faces to take up our roles!

Everyone is invited to witness the election of MSDU executive committee 2016/2017.
BUT ONLY current members from Deakin University are eligible to VOTE and RUN for positions.

By being in the committee you will gain invaluable experiences and soft skills that you will never learn in class. Besides that it will definitely boost your CV and portfolios. I would say the experience will shape and build your character!



For those who are running for a position, you will be given 3 MINUTES for speeches. We will also open the floor for questions after the speech.


Fill in the nomination form here:

**It is recommended to select 2 preferences.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: 1/9/2016 (Thursday), 6.00PM.

1. ONLY current students of Deakin University are eligible to run for positions. Unfortunately students from Deakin College are ineligible to run for a position.

*CHANGES: Current Deakin College students who are entering Deakin University in T3/2016 or T1/2017 are eligible to apply!

2. Candidates are required to be a Deakin University student throughout the fiscal year of 2016/2017.

3. Members who run for positions must be present during the AGM, no proxies will be permitted. In other words, you have to be present at the AGM to be eligible.

4. Members can only hold 1 Executive position at a time.

Positions available:
1) President
2) Vice President
3) Secretary
4) Treasurer
5) Event Director
6) Asst. Event Director
7) Sponsorship Director
8) Assistant Sponsorship Director
9) Marketing Director
10) Photographer
11) 3 General Committees


The duties of the President shall be to
i. Preside as chair over committee meetings and General Meetings;
ii. Attend meetings of the Clubs & Societies Council, vote in the interests of the club, and report outcomes to the committee;
iii. Co-ordinate the activities of the committee;
iv. Represent the club, and act as its spokesperson, to the Deakin University Student Association (DUSA), the University, others MSOs and other bodies, as appropriate;
v. Submit reports to committee meetings, as appropriate; and
vi. Submit an annual report to the AGM.

Vice President
The duties of the Vice President shall be to
i. Attend committee meetings and General Meetings;
ii. Preside as chair over committee meetings and General Meetings, in the absence of the President;
iii. Assist the President in her/his duties;
iv. Perform the duties of the President if that office is vacant; and
v. Perform other duties, as the committee may resolve.
vi. Liaise with other clubs and societies within Deakin University
vii. Liaise with other Malaysian clubs and societies in Victoria
viii. Handle Sponsorship deals

The duties of the Secretary shall be to
i. Attend committee meetings and General Meetings;
ii. Prepare agendas and minutes, and serve notice as prescribed, for General Meetings and committee meetings;
iii. Act as Returning Officer for club elections, as appropriate;
iv. Ensure that an up-to-date membership register is maintained;
v. Regularly check the club’s mail box and electronic mail account, for incoming correspondence;
vi. Ensure that inwards and outwards correspondence for the club is handled correctly and in a timely manner;
vii. Send notification of upcoming events through email; and
viii. Submit an annual report to the AGM.

The duties of the Treasurer shall be to
i. Attend committee meetings and General Meetings;
ii. Keep the club’s financial books in order, in accordance with the requirements of Deakin University Student Association (DUSA);
iii. Submit a financial report to the AGM; and
ivi. Liaise with the Deakin University Student Association (DUSA) on any financial requirements.


Event Director (Executive) and Asst. Event Director (Extended)
The duties of the Event director shall be to
i. Co-ordinate events and activities for the club
ii. Be pragmatic in the organization of events and ensure the objectives of the club are met
iii. To submit documents and grant forms Deakin University Student Association (DUSA) in a timely manner

Sponsorship Director and Assistant Sponsorship Director
The duties of the Sponsorship Officer shall be to
i. Obtain sponsorship, either financial or non-financial;
ii. Ensure that the best interest of both sponsors and members are taken care of at all times.
iii. Manage ongoing sponsorship contracts and constantly seek new sponsors.

Marketing Director
The duties of the Marketing Director shall be to
i. Submit a marketing plan for each event.
ii. Periodically update and notify members of upcoming events organized by the club through all social media channels.
iii. Ensure on-going club promotion and publicity of events and sponsorships through posters.
iv. Maintain the MSDU Facebook page and Instagram account.
iv. Design posters for events.

The duties of the photographer shall be to
i. Taking fabulous pictures and videos at every event.
ii. Upload the pictures and videos to MSDU's Facebook page in a timely manner.

General Committees
The duties of General Committees shall be to
i. Support and assist with the clubs events and activities
ii. Voice their opinion during board meetings
iii. Assist the directors in any portfolios when needed

*ALL NOMINEES are required to wear SEMI-FORMAL*

*FREE FOOD and REFRESHMENTS will be provided at the event!*

Feel free to contact Evonne Koh or Xuan Lee if you have any further queries :)