2 years ago

9 September, 2016

Lecture Theatre 8 (Y2.43), Deakin University Burwood

Organised by:
Islamic Society Burwood

Assalamu'alaykum wa rahmatullah wabarakatahu

The time has come where you can become part of positive change at Deakin University's Islamic Society 2017 Executive Committee

Where: Building Y, Lecture Theatre 8 (Y2.43)
When: Friday 9th September, 2016 at 2:30PM (after jummah prayers)
Bring: Yourself and any other Brothers and/or Sisters who want to be a part of ISDU's future

In this meeting we will be electing new executive committee members. For the future of ISDU please do attend this evening. Attendance sign in will commence at 2:15pm and the meeting will commence at 2:30pm sharp in LT8 in Building Y. Please note, only paid ISDU members and Deakin students are eligible to vote and hold executive positions.

Details on positions and how to nominate are below.

For those who may not want to nominate themselves for a position still please do attend to assist the new committee to be formed in sha Allah.

There will be refreshments provided at the meeting

1. Review the positions outlined below (open attachments under the ISDU logo) and decide which positions you would be most suited for

2. Fill out the nomination form *
*Note: you may only nominate yourself for a position*

3. Send your completed nomination form, only as a Word or PDF file, to islamicsocietydu@gmail.com by 9am Friday 9th September

4. Make sure to come to the AGM and vote! *

*Voting by Proxy is not allowed for DUSA Annual General Meetings. This means that you must attend the AGM on the day in order to have your nomination considered and voted on and for you to accept your position (if elected) on the day.*

The Executive positions available are:
- President
- Vice-President
- Treasurer
- Secretary
- Brothers Events Manager
- Sisters Events Manager
- Marketing Manager
- Sponsorship Manager

Additional Committee positions available are:
4 x Sisters events committee members
4 x Brothers events committee members
Graphics Designer
Brothers Musullah Manager
Sisters Musullah Manager