2 years ago

21 October, 2016

Mrs. Robinson

Organised by:
Voice Burwood

After an amazing year of Deakin Voice and Walking Jukebox awesomeness, we have decided to bring you one final hurrah in the form of food and a treasure hunt.

This event also brings the handover from the 2016 executives to the brand new 2017 executives, call it an initiation (there'll be crowns and everything).

As previously mentioned, there'll be a treaure hunt that will cover some of the landmarks around Deakin Burwood, with prizes to first and second, and even a special prize awarded to last place. First prize also gets ultimate bragging rights for the night (and for the night ONLY! we are CIVIL and FRIENDLY people!). Additionally food will be provided for all attendees.

The hunt will start promptly at 6pm, with no exceptions, so we do suggest that you get to the starting location before that.

We look forward to seeing you all there! :) xx

P.S. We have booked our location for the terrace at Mrs. Robinson's, weather permitting, otherwise we will be in the cafe area inside.