1 year ago

9 December, 2016


Organised by:
Cheerleading Club Burwood

Deakin Cheer!
It's that time of the year where we get to celebrate our amazing year and amazing athletes, while bonding one last time by celebrating our amazing achievements from Nationals - I know we're going to ace it!
The awards night is a great way to have one last horrah before try outs and mourn those who we will lose due to graduating at the end of the year :(
Location is The rising Sun Hotel in Richmond
(Right next to burnley station)

This is an award voted by your team mates, and awarded to one member on every team. it is obviously the most peppy, motivational and committed member on your team, who goes above and beyond to make your team who they are.

This will also be a vote made by your team members, and given to one person per team. This is the member that has improved the most throughout the year and has shown a drive to push their abilities to the furthest and has made a clear improvement throught the year.

This award goes to someone that has really stood out in the coaches eyes, whether it be in motivating the team and always being positive, someone who has come to every training or has really improved their skills over the year. This award will be decided between your coaches, and awarded to one member on every team.

This person will be someone who has been highly committed to the club all throughout the year. This person has been to every DU Cheer event, purchased every fundraising item and has generally had the club in the apple of his/her eye. This award will be decided by exec, and will be presented to one person from the entire club.

Voting has been posted on the notice board :)
Can't wait to see you all there!