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10 April, 2016

Burwood Student Theatre Company (BuST Co)

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Burwood Student Theatre Company

Pride and Prejudice, directed by Charlotte Sinammon

Sunday April 10th 10am-2pm
Monday April 11th 7pm-10pm
Allocations of 10 minute slots

To book an audition call our Director: Charlotte Sinnamon on 0408 460 558
Auditionees are to bring headshot (a selfie works) and CV if they have it

Monday evenings at 7pm and Sunday mornings at 10am, at Deakin university.

7th, 8th and 9th of July

Character List:
Elizabeth Bennet
The second of the Bennet daughters, she is twenty years old and is intelligent, lively, playful, attractive, and witty—but with a tendency to judge on first impression (the "prejudice" of the title) and perhaps to be a little selective of the evidence on which she bases her judgments.

Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy
is the male protagonist of the novel and is twenty eight years old. He is the wealthy owner of the renowned family estate of Pemberley in Derbyshire, and is rumoured to be worth at least £10,000 a year. Others frequently mistake his aloof decorum and rectitude as further proof of excessive pride (he is the "pride" of the title). While he makes a poor impression on strangers, such as the landed gentry of Meryton, Darcy is greatly valued by those who know him well.

Mr Bennet
is the patriarch of the Bennet family, a gentleman of modest income with five unmarried daughters. Mr. Bennet has an ironic, cynical sense of humour that irritates his wife. Though he loves his daughters (Elizabeth in particular), he often fails as a parent, preferring to withdraw from the never-ending marriage concerns of the women around him rather than offer help.

Mrs. Bennet
is the wife of her socially superior Mr. Bennet and mother of Elizabeth and her sisters. She is frivolous, excitable, and narrow-minded, and she imagines herself susceptible to attacks of tremors and palpitations when she is displeased. Her public manners and social climbing are embarrassing to Jane and Elizabeth.

Jane Bennet
is the eldest Bennet sister. Twenty-two years old when the novel begins, she is considered the most beautiful young lady in the neighbourhood. Her character is contrasted with Elizabeth's as sweeter, shyer, and equally sensible, but not as clever; her most notable trait is a desire to see only the good in others. As Anna Quindlen wrote, Jane is "sugar to Elizabeth's lemonade."[6] Jane is closest to Elizabeth, and her character is often contrasted with that of Elizabeth. She is favoured by her mother because of her beauty.

Mary Bennet is the only plain Bennet sister, and rather than join in some of the family activities, she mostly reads and plays music, although she is often impatient to display her accomplishments and is rather vain about them.
Must be able to play piano and sing in the classical style.

Catherine Bennet
Catherine, or Kitty, Bennet is the fourth daughter at 17 years old. She is the shadow of Lydia, although older than she, she follows in her pursuits of the 'Officers' of the regiment. She appears but little, although she is often portrayed as envious of Lydia and also a 'silly' young woman.

Lydia Bennet
is the youngest Bennet sister, aged 15 when the novel begins. She is frivolous and headstrong. Her main activity in life is socializing, especially flirting with the officers of the militia.

Charles Bingley
is a handsome, good-natured, and wealthy young gentleman (a Parvenu/Nouveau riche) of 23, who rents Netherfield Park near Longbourn. He is contrasted with his friend Mr. Darcy as being more kind and more charming and having more generally pleasing manners, although not quite so clever and experienced. He lacks resolve and is easily influenced by others.

Caroline Bingley
is the snobbish sister of Charles Bingley, with a dowry of twenty thousand pounds. Miss Bingley harbours romantic intentions for Mr. Darcy and therefore is jealous of his growing attachment to Elizabeth.

George Wickham
has been acquainted with Mr. Darcy since childhood, being the son of Mr. Darcy's father's steward. An officer in the militia, he is superficially charming and rapidly forms an attachment with Elizabeth Bennet.

William Collins,
aged 25, is Mr. Bennet's clergyman cousin and heir to his estate. He is "not a sensible man, and the deficiency of nature had been but little assisted by education or society". Mr. Collins is obsequious, and lacking in common sense.

Lady Catherine de Bourgh,
possesses wealth and social standing, is haughty, pompous, domineering, and condescending, although her manner is seen by some as entirely proper and even admirable.

Mr and Mrs Gardiner:
Edward Gardiner is Mrs. Bennet's brother and a successful attorney of sensible and gentlemanly character. Aunt Gardiner is close to her nieces Jane and Elizabeth.

Georgiana Darcy
is Mr. Darcy's quiet, amiable, and shy younger sister, aged 16 when the story begins. When 15, Miss Darcy almost eloped with Mr. Wickham, who sought her thirty thousand pound dowry.
Must be a skilled piano player

Charlotte Lucas
is Elizabeth's friend who, at 27 years old (and thus past prime marriage age), fears becoming a burden to her family and therefore agrees to marry Mr. Collins, whom she does not love, to gain financial security.

Esemble maid and servants and small roles also available. Some actors may play multiple characters.

A monologue will be emailed out in a confirmation of your audition. Please contact us if you haven't recieved it.