2 years ago

16 March, 2016

Room I 1.13 Deakin University, Burwood (downstairs from lecture theatre 2)

Organised by:
Australia China Youth Association

Hey Everyone!!!!
Greetings to all the new members of Deakin ACYA, and thanks for signing up with us! 2016 will be a big year for Deakin ACYA and we’re hoping that you’ll all be a part of it so remember to keep your eyes open for updates on all our events right here on our Facebook Page!

We’d like to start the year by inviting you all to our 2016 Welcome Event on Wednesday, 16th March 2016. This event will be a great opportunity to meet your fellow ACYA members and of course free food and drinks will be provided! We’ll also have a ton of activities so come down for an evening of fun!

各位新成员们大家好!我要在此感謝大家加入 DEAKIN ACYA!在成长方面,2016 年对此社团來说会是一个非常重要的一年,所以我们希望大家都能够和我们一起体验ACYA在2016即将经历的变化和成長! ACYA 在2016 年会举办很多个种不同的活动!我们会在这个脸书專页上和你们分享所有资讯,未来举办的活动也会在此宣传,所以大家请敬请期待! 为了欢迎我们的新成员和谢谢回来的旧请,所以大家請聚ky - 成员们,我们下週三 (三月十六日)会举办一个欢迎会!这会是能让请,所以大家請聚ky - 你认识新朋友的好机会,当然我们还会准备些吃的和喝的,所以你们还在等什么呢?赶快把時间给空下来吧! 我们会把仔细详情发到这專页上,所以大家请留意! 謝謝。

====== DETAILS ======
DATE: Wednesday 16th March 2016-03-06
TIME: 6:30pm – 9pm
LOCATION: Meet outside the Library