2 years ago

27 November, 2015


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That's right folks, it's the end of year LAN which can mean only one thing... Our usual venue was already booked 6 months in advance, and now were back in 314! (Shout out to piggo and TDP for saving the LAN).

Come join us in 314.216/215 for 2 days straight of staying up and smashing that lyk button with your fellow students and favourite local computing club :~)

There will be one room for LAN, and one for not staying up and smashing lyk (sleeping).

There may be be space for boardgames and may be a spare projector knocking around for consoles, so bring what you can (no promises)!

The important deets
Fri 27th Nov 20:00 - Sun 29th Nov 22:00

What will it cost me?

2015 Guild Member and ComSSA member - FREE
Guild member, ComSSA member, or associate club member - $5
Anything else - $10

You may pre-purchase your ticket if you wish
Free water bottles and $1 soft drink cans are available also

⏰ Can I come earlier? ⏰
You may leave your things in 314 if you need to, but we will not be responsible for its safety, most people just get dinner first while they wait for us to finish setup

ℹ Where can I find more details? ℹ
You can find some more (slightly outdated) info on our FAQ here
This is to be updated over the next day or two, so check back later

If you would like to be seated somewhere specific, or with your friends, let us know beforehand and we'll see what we can do

What will my money get me?
- One power socket (byo power board, not surge protected)
- One ethernet port (byo >5m ethernet cable, spare cable will not be provided)
- One comfy desk and chair
- Entrance to the competitions (Each night someone wins a $20 steam giftcard)

Can I bring alcohol or smoke at the event?
Alcohol is not permitted anywhere at or around the event. The tavern may be open however.
If you need to smoke, you will need to walk off campus as the entire campus is smoke-free

What should I bring?
- You should consider copying this into a text editor, elaborating and adding your own things, and print as a checklist to cross off while packing and for cleanup
- 5 meter ethernet cable (Shorter lengths may suffice, dont rely on it however)
- Student ID (This is your access to the building)
- Your computer + peripherals
- A backpack to leave all your stuff in, to keep your area tidy, and so people dont mistake your stuff as theirs
- 1 power board (we provide the one socket, not two, at most desks)
- Your NAS/External HDD's if its small enough to fit on your desk, or on one of the server tables
- Headphones (Speakers are not allowed)
- Changes of clothes
- Showering gear, likes towels and toiletries
- Consoles, controllers, anything strange and quirky that you feel like it would be fun, we're really open to ideas!

What should I not bring?
- More than one monitor
- Quad-SLI, 100-core processors, ridiculous over-clocking setups, etc. You're sitting in a small room with an airconditioner designed for people, not small power stations.
- Generally too much stuff for your ONE table
- Speakers
- Drugs & Alcohol (we will be enforcing this heavily)
- Rack mounted servers - They’re seriously just too noisy. Small home built servers are welcome however. Game servers can be provided upon request on our server.

What shouldn't I do there?
Folding/Bitcoin mining. Seriously. Just don't. It uses way too much power (a limited resource in the LAN room) and breaks Curtins air conditioner when enough people do it.
Torrenting. You can and will be pursued by Curtin itself (CITS, not your buddies at ComSSA) if they find you torrenting on their network. People there will likely have what you want anyway. We run a DC hub which people actively contribute huge content servers/NAS's to, way better than getting terminated for GOT of Thrones.

If you have any other queries you can email the club at club@comssa.org.au
Also, daily reminder to join our IRC channel #comssa on irc.comssa.org.au