2 years ago

5 February, 2016

Curtin Engineering Pavilion

Organised by:
Computer Science Students Association

We thought that we might be skipping another LAN, but we managed to get a booking for this with bang on a week’s notice.


• Level 3, Engineering Pavilion building 215, Curtin University
• Friday 5th at 15:00 to Sunday 8th at 22:00
• Ask us anything: committee@comssa.org.au
• Join our IRC channel: #comssa on irc.comssa.org.au


Watch this space!


Bring some cash for your table and any drinks. You’ll soon be able to pay for your table online at https://comssa.tidyhq.com/ but if you do, you’ll need to pay $10 plus a processing fee.

• Tables are FREE if you’re with ComSSA and Guild
• Tables are $5 if you’re with ComSSA xor Guild
• Tables are $5 if you’re with CASSA, UCC, or MITS
• Tables are $10 otherwise
• Soft drinks are $1 for a can
• Bottled water is FREE and unlimited

If you don’t need a table, say if you only want to use our consoles, play analogue games, or spectate, your entry is also FREE.


Anyone who pays for a table will receive:

• One power socket (power boards will not be provided)
• One ethernet port (ethernet cables will not be provided)
• One comfy desk and chair
• Entry into our nightly tournaments


Consider copying this to make yourself a checklist, so that you won’t forget to bring anything or take it home.

• Your computer and any peripherals
• Your consoles and tabletop games
• A power board (if you need more than one socket)
• An ethernet cable (at least 5 metres, or 10 at the worst)
• Headphones (as speakers are not allowed)
• Your NAS or any additional storage to be shared
• Sleeping gear, showering gear, and clean clothes
• Your Curtin ID card (to make it easier to get in)
• A backpack (to keep your area tidy and avoid losing anything)

Any other interesting hardware and so on are welcome, as long as they aren’t annoying, disruptive, or hazardous. Use your common sense, and if you have none, ask a committee member.

We’ll set aside one table for everyone’s NAS and server gear, and if you’re lucky, you may be able to use multiple ports on our switches until they’re needed by someone else. We won’t set up a trunk for you, so use transmit hashing to improve your outgoing bandwidth.


Anything that’s too big: this usually includes multiple monitors. Do not exceed the footprint of your table even if a neighbouring table isn’t currently taken, because you’ll make it difficult for attendees who show up later to find a vacant table and set up their gear.

Anything that’s too loud: this includes speakers with no exceptions, as well as nearly all rack-mounted hardware.

Anything that’s too thirsty: our power circuits and air conditioners don’t have a lot of headroom to deal with four of your overclocked, Peltier-cooled Radeon R9 Furies or whatever, so pare back your buunta of a rig before you show up. If you trip a circuit, there’s a good chance that you could spell the end of the LAN.

Anything that’s illegal, as well as alcohol, and any recreational drugs. Of course we don’t mean caffeine and the like, don’t be obtuse.


Disable any of your folding, mining, or other background computing before you show up, because the room will be hot enough as it is.

Don’t get high while you’re at the LAN. Nobody wants to smell your bud or booze, and nobody wants to sit your tripping ass.

Don’t torrent, even if it really is a Linux ISO. You’ll slow down the VPN that gives us an internet connection, our LAN may get permanently shut down, and if you go to Curtin, you WILL be terminated.