2 years ago

3 March, 2016

Curtin Business School case study room 408.2038

Organised by:
Computer Science Students Association

Have you ever typed out a name like Project v3 Reviewed v13 FINAL READY_TO_PRINT?

Have you ever wondered if EDITED or UPDATED or FINAL or REALLY FINAL was the right version of your assignment?

Have you ever used Git before, only for something to break so badly that you had to delete your copy and download your project all over again?

Come on down to our very zeroth in a new series of ComSSA Talks to clear these up and more! The brilliant Geoff Moir will be using Git to show you how you can use version control for your next assignment, and why you’ll never go back to numbered zip files.

Geoff is one of our very own Software Engineering graduates from 2014, and like many after but none before him, he’s now working at Atlassian, where he’s joined some of the best developers in the field, building tools to make other developers’ lives easier.