1 year ago

12 October, 2016

314.224 Curtin University

Organised by:
Computer Science Students Association

Please express your interest in attending the AGM and/or becoming a ComSSA committee member here: https://delan.typeform.com/to/j4kJZM

Whether you’re a ComSSA member, a computing student, or both, current or former, new or old, we need your help!

Head to the second floor of Computing (314.224, the Engineering Programming Room) and:

• Vote for our new executive committee
• Sign our proposal for a common room
• Have some free pizza and drinks

Other matters for the meeting:

• Discuss our executive committee’s performance
• Vote on proposed changes to our constitution

We lost 314.238 — our department’s common room — at the end of 2013, but this year is the first year in which we truly have no place to go.

Thanks to our university’s broken “economy”, our department has more students than ever, but we’ve lost two rooms and we’ve barely maintained the number of teaching staff we have. While we can still run events in building 215, our access requests are now being refused, and as for our pool table and our humble office cabinet, their days are numbered too.

If you’ve ever hopped from lab to lab to find a place to sit, or if you’ve ever been repulsed by the sight of some food (or worse) on the desks and lab machines, you’ll understand that teaching spaces are no substitute for a common room, which is exactly the reason why at least eleven other departments on the Bentley campus have student common rooms.

Our plan is to present a draft of our proposal at the AGM, discuss it, improve it, and give you a chance to show your support by signing it. If you want to sign our proposal, but it’s not quite ready in time for the AGM, one of our committee members will personally deliver it to you as soon as possible.