1 year ago

2 December, 2016

Adventure World - Official Page

Organised by:
Computer Science Students Association

Buy tickets here: https://comssa.tidyhq.com/public/events/6894-comssa-does-adventure-world

It’s time for ComSSA’s annual “get sun and get rekt” day for 2016. This is the destined day before our next LAN where we all get a vicious sunburn and learn to deal with it as we game to our hearts’ content.

The event runs from 10:00 to around 16:00 at Adventure World, but let’s meet in front of the venue at 9:30. If you would like to carpool, go to 314.221 at around 8:30, to leave at around 9:00.

Catering is included with your ticket, as well as a spot to sit down if all of that running around is too much. ​Feel free to bring any sort of sports ball to kick around or throw at your mates. It’s an awesome day and it’s really cheap so buy a ticket and come on down!

Tickets are $15 for members of both ComSSA and the Guild, $25 for members of ComSSA only, or else $35. Please note that if you’re a Guild member but not a ComSSA member, you’re eligible for a $25 ticket too, but you’ll need to find a committee member to buy one in person.

See you there!