1 year ago

15 December, 2016

26 Aldam Cres, Shelley WA 6148, Australia

Organised by:
Christian Union

Wow, time flies!

It's almost that time of the year again where everyone at CCU get to meet up and reminisce on all the awesome stuff that's happened over the year, see everyone post-NTE and mission, not have to think about exams, farewell the graduates who've finished up this year, and best of all, celebrate Jesus' birth.

Dinner and dessert will be provided, as well as much g times, chills, boardgames, footy/frisbee/other sport that can be played on an oval, and swims if you so wish - there's a pool. It's summer. You get the deal ;)

Cost: $2 to cover food

Save the date in your calendar and we'll see you there !