1 year ago

2 February, 2017

Trinity Theological College

Organised by:
Christian Union

GET EQUIPPED to serve Jesus better for the rest of your lives at our inter-CU Summer Equip sessions. This Summer Equip is for all of the AFES Christian Student groups in Perth. That means whichever uni you study at, you are welcome to come along.

Every Thursday in Februrary 2017, we'll get together for a few hours and break into elective groups, where you will be equipped in an area of your choice.

There are 5 great electives to choose from (choose ONE elective only):
1. Two Ways To Live (2WTL) - $20
2. Small Group Leader Training - $20
3. Bible Overview - $15
4. Book Club (A Praying Life by Paul Miller) - $20
5. Learning Mark (Getting familiar with Mark's Gospel) - $20

Please visit the registration page for more info, and to officially register for an elective: https://www.uwacu.org/events/equip/summerequip/

If you haven't done any of these electives before, be sure to do 2WTL. It will teach you the gospel in a simple but impacting way, and equip you with the tools and the confidence to be able to share it with others. Value of 2WTL = 10/10!

We will need to have a locked in attendance by the 30th Jan. Look forward to seeing you there!