2 years ago

27 June, 2016

Fremantle railway station

Organised by:
Curtin Photograpy Club

You've been waiting for it...a holiday photowalk from CPC!
Many of you have been asking when we are having a photowalk, and we apologise for not having one earlier. We hope everyone was focused during the exam period and to start the holidays, why don't you come hang with us in Freo for a bit of a photo walk! =D

This event is an opportunity to showcase your photographic skills, whilst getting to know other keen-eyed photographers! Bring your iPhone, your fancy DSLR, your film camera and everything in between. It will be held on Monday, 27th June between 3PM-6PM, (golden hour!)

WHAT: This meet-up is a laid-back opportunity to meet other members, bounce ideas, and most importantly; take photos!

WHERE: We will be meeting at the front of the Fremantle Train Station at 2:45PM. However, where you end up wandering is completely up to you!

WHO: CPC Members and anyone who has an interest in taking photos (and making awesome friends). Those who are already members can also pick up your cards at the event.

COST: Gold coin donation

PS. Come pick up your membership cards for great discounts!!!!!