3 years ago

26 August, 2015

Curtin University, Building 104.101 (beside Common Ground)

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Your university life is more than just getting a degree, it's about gaining a competitive edge and preparing yourself for the real world.

How? Be a Global Talent.

Our Global Talent program allows young people to put their skills into practice by working in professional, INTERNATIONAL workplaces as well as develop themselves professionally and personally by gaining practical skills and experiencing NEW cultures.

If you're a 1st or 2nd year Engineering student who would like to explore opportunities in the START-UP scene, this is it!

If you're an undergraduate or a recent graduate in either Marketing, BA or PR, this is it!

If you are generally interested, you are invited too!

Want to know more? Come to our Information Session!

RSVP: tiny.cc/talentinfo

Hope to see you all there!