2 years ago

21 October, 2015

Curtin University, Building 108, Room 118

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Did you know that:
1. WHO admitted that 20% of children and adolscent in the world have potential in encountering mental health problem.

2. Every year, about 800,000 people committed suicide regarding mental health issues.

3. War and crisis cause major impact on personal well-being, including mental health and psychosocial

4. Skilled human resources on mental health is not properly distributed globally cause some patient to get very less care treatment.

5. There is not enough financial support for mental health service that give huge impacts to the treatment.

There has been more than few stigma and stereotypes that talks about mental health issue, which discriminates the patient and hold them to seek more about mental health care.

WHO fact files on mental health proofs that mental health issue possesed deficient recognition in the world.

YouthSpeak brings up this issue to encourages people in becoming more than aware of this condition.
This event promote community wellbeing, especially youth, to maximise their health potential and encourage people to contribute themselves in supporting to spread the mental health awareness.

YouthSpeak: Youth Health event invites you to do something about it!
Together with AIESEC in Curtin, let's hear how you can participate and involved yourself in this vital issue!

RSVP: http://goo.gl/forms/OciMOukwib