2 years ago

11 May, 2016

400.222, Curtin University

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Global Talent provides young people the opportunity to use theories learnt in university and apply them in a practical working environment.

Did you know that in Australia the unemployment rate is 6.0% having increased by 0.2% early this year and leading to 7200 jobs being lost? Not only that but also 30200 individuals were left unemployed. Bring it down to Western Australia we experienced a rise in the national jobless rate of 6.6% which rose from 6.4%. I could go on but it gets scary to compare with Unemployment rates international.

But hey, worry not because we got this covered and we are here to help. So like me if you don't to be part of the surprising statistics lets go to the Career Talk together.

CAREER TALK! What is this Career Talk? Well that's a great question. Career Talk is one of those many events that pop up once every semester around campus organised by the hardworking AIESECers of AIESEC in Curtin under Global Talent striving for change in the lives of youth. This event aims at enlightening students with the necessary knowledge of how to prepare themselves for their future careers and employment. It brings to our attention the FAS-CI-NATING opportunities.

Not only these, but there are also some amazing panelist that take part in this event that you get to meet and through them we get tips of how to excel as they have already passed the stage we are now entering or about to enter (getting our career on track), and how to stand-out among the crowds.

Want to know more? Then we will see you Wednesday 11th May 2016 at Building 400:222 12pm SHARP!

Don't miss this opportunity to expand your understand of the business and education industry. Become internationally ready to work overseas with Global Talent internship opportunities.