3 years ago

8 July, 2015

Perth CBD

Organised by:
Curtin Photograpy Club

Are you a bit bored with all the free time you have due to holidays? Well, why don't you come hang with us in the city for a bit of a photo walk. If that is not enough incentive to come then we also have a few prizes to win (e.g. $50 Plaza Camera voucher!)

This event is an opportunity to showcase your photographic skills, whilst getting to know other keen-eyed photographers! Bring your iPhone, your fancy DSLR, your film camera and everything in between.

WHAT: This meet-up is a laid-back, relaxed and easy-going opportunity to meet other members, bounce ideas, and most importantly; take photos!

WHERE: We will be meeting at the front of the State Library of Western Australia, however, where you end up wandering is completely up to you!

WHO: CPC Members and anyone who has an interest in taking photos! Those who are already members can also pick up your cards at the event

COST: Gold coin donation