3 years ago

28 October, 2015


Organised by:
Women In Engineering

Hey everyone!

WiECD will be having it's AGM from 12-2PM on Wednesday 28th of October (this Month) in Engineering Pavilion building (215), room 302.

At the AGM, we will be reviewing all activies and achievements we have done and been involved with in 2015. And, of course we will be voting for the next year committee.

All are encouraged to come, especially if you want to find out more about all the fun stuff this club does, and what you can do or role you can take when you are joining the committee.

If you are thinking of taking part in the WiECD in 2016, please feel free to send you interest or enquires to womening.curtindiv@gmail.com before the AGM.

Joining a club like WiECD is a great way to boost up your resume. Apart from that, it is a great way of building up your personal and leadership skills, and a great way of making new friends.

Lunch will be provided.

We look forward to seeing you there ;)
WiECD committee