3 years ago

26 June, 2015

Curtin Commerce Club

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Curtin Commerce Club

To the family, friends, and one-night-stand’s of the CCC

We invite you to:


After an epic adventure last year, we are back with another one for the ages! It's straight after exams so there should be no excuses. YOU HAVE TO BE THERE. Sorry not sorry.

Three days of debauchery, sin and maybe some surf if the swell gods permit. Think sauna club, fun funnels, a scavenger hunt and a lovely goon and juice to start your day.

We are staying at Geordie Bay as per usual and it's BYO… food.


FRIDAY- Toga: Steal your mum’s sheets, the opening night is dedicated to the Greeks!

SATURDAY- Hippy - Chuck on those John Lennon glasses and go back to the 60s in style. Think colourful and baggy.

SUNDAY- Fur Sure: think fur, think animals, think furry animals.

So, get your mates together, get your rooms booked and get your A-game ready.

Love always,

The Triple C xx