1 year ago

24 February, 2017

Starting point - building Red 7, O Week Hub (Mal Nairn, Casuarina campus, CDU)

Organised by:
International Students at Charles Darwin University

Gather your team and prepare for the ultimate CDU Amazing Race!

We will challenge you to complete tasks and compete against fellow students to be crowned the winner of the Amazing Race of the S1 2017 Orientation week.

What a way to get to know your campus, meet new friends, challenge yourself and have a whole lot of fun!

Prizes are ready for all members of the 3 fastest teams!


This Amazing Race is open to all international and domestic students commencing their studies at CDU in S1 2017. Current students are more than welcome to come along and cheer!

Duration of race: max. 2 hours (12PM-2PM)
Race location: CDU Casuarina campus
Total number of stations to race through: 10
Number of members per team: approx 5

You don't need to know anyone to participate in the race. Just come along and we will find the team for you.

Group must not split or loose a member, to avoid disqualification.

At least 1 team member must have a mobile phone connected to internet and to this event page.


Amazing race starts at the O Week Hub (building Red 7) at 12 noon.

You will have to decode the clue to get you to the next station. To help you little bit, a coded visual clue will be provided too.

You will be required to complete a small challenge in each station.

When you complete the challenge you will need to take a group selfie and post it on to this Amazing Race event page. Then you will be given a clue to the next location.

All members of the 3 fastest teams win prizes.


End of race is at 2PM.

If you haven't managed to finish the race by then, never mind, It's not about winning, it's about taking part and we'll see you all in the Breezeway for the End Of O Week Party kicking off at 2PM!

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