1 year ago

26 January, 2017

Bond Ornamental Lawns

Organised by:
Society and Design Students Association SDSA

Where the bloody hell are ya?
If you're not down at the Australia Day On The Lawns event, you're as unaustralian as putting a sausage in a hot dog bun.

Boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, blokes and sheilas,

Get yourselves down to the onramental lawns on the 26th of January to enjoy everything Australian!
There'll be zooper doopers, snags and the Hottest 100 so come spend the day getting moist in the slip and slide and then mozie on over to Dons for the SDSA Straya Day Party!

The perfect start to an even better night.

When: Australia Day Thursday 26th January (Week 2)
Time: 12:30-3pm
Where: Bond Ornamental Lawns