1 year ago

8 August, 2016

Bond University Building 6

Organised by:
Society and Design Students Association SDSA

It's almost that time of the semester where exams takeover the lives of Bond Students and many begin to crumble. But, luckily the SDSA are here for the rescue.
This semester's SDSA Revision Seminars take place this week from Monday - Thursday, which will include everything you need to get that High Distinction, you've always been wanting.

Intro to Psychology - Learning and Social: Monday 8th August - 10am - BLD06_3_21

Intro to Psychology - Biology and Personality: Monday 8th August - 11am - BLD06_3_21

Intro to Geopolitics: Tuesday 9th August - 2pm - BLD06_3_21

Intro to International Relations: Wednesday 10th August - 2pm in BLD06_3_21

If you have any questions, please feel free to message our Facebook page.