1 year ago

15 November, 2016

Bond University

Organised by:
MSSBU Physicians Society

We all know Pathology is one of those topics that you just have to keep going over and over again. So who better to help you do so than the exam writer herself, Dr. Doshi!

There’ll be IPA stations set up, each station with more questions than usual so that we can cover more content. It won’t be under exam conditions, essentially you’ll all get a period of time to go through the stations individually before you get taken through all the answers.

We’ve based the questions around the Pathology Specimens so you can get some more exposure to them. We also hope you use this opportunity to bring any other questions you want to clarify with the Pathology Team.

Given the sheer size and difficulty of teaching 100 people in a Lab, there will be 2 sessions; 2pm and 3pm. Please confirm your interest and time preference on the google doc below. We will do our best to allocate you to your preferred time slot however, first in best dressed!


See you then!