1 year ago

30 September, 2016

Bond University Sports Hall

Organised by:
Medical Students Society of Bond University MSSBU

5 Years.
1 Winner.
MSSBU presents our first ever Medicine Futsal Tournament!
Kick around starts at 4.30pm, games begin at 5pm (draw to be released)
If you are keen to play, talk to the following guys:
Year 1: Stefan Kousari
Year 2: Jason Daley
Year 3:James Henshaw
Year 4: Amila K
Year 5: Justin Lam
Here are the tournament rules:
It will be a 5-a-side format with back passes allowed to the goalie. Each team will play one another and games will run 10minute halves. The two teams with the most wins will play off in the grand final. If two teams have the same amount of points, the goals 'for' will determine who goes through.
Unlimited substitutions. Balls that touch the line will be put in play via kick-in. No off-sides and no slide tackling.
What better way to spend a Friday afternoon than by playing Futsal! Pizzas and soft drinks will be provided!