2 years ago

11 April, 2016

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Organised by:
Bond Law Students' Association LSA

LSA Law Revision Seminars for 161

MONDAY - Building 6 (6_3_27 Lecture Theatre 2)
9am (BA)
10am (Torts)
11am (Consti)
12pm (Equity)
2pm (Crim B) - 103 Exam

TUESDAY - Case Study 1
9am (Contracts)
10am (Crim A)
1pm (Land)
2pm (Obli)
7pm (Civ Pro)

WEDNESDAY - Case Study 2 (except ALS and Remedies which will be in Case Study 1).
8am (Evidence)
9am (Corps)
10am (Admin)
11am (Property)
1pm (Remedies)
2pm (ALS)

DROPBOX LINK TO SEMINAR SLIDES: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ox8fkvs4ery68il/AADc8WQgsrRBduSAsIsRkwxwa?dl=0