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9 May, 2016

Bond LSA

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Bond Law Students' Association LSA

Please note: Campaigning of any kind is NOT PERMITTED until Friday evening of Week 1 162

Nominations are now open for the 2016-2017 LSA Elections. The Election By-Laws will be available shortly.

More information about information sessions, voting, campaigning et cetera will be available in the coming weeks.

All positions will be open for nomination. If you are thinking of running, we encourage you to meet with the current position-holder (or nominated committee member) to discuss the position.

NOMINATE HERE: https://bondlsa.com/about-us/forms/nominate/

~ Law Students’ Association Portfolio Overview ~

The President oversees the strategic direction of the Association. They are the main liaison between the management committee and the faculty. They are also in charge of ensuring all directors are fulfilling their respective portfolios. Additionally, the President organises for committee members to be present at O-Week events and Faculty showcase days throughout the semester. They also serve on the Electoral Sub-Committee.

Incumbent: Edward Sinclair

The Vice-President assists the President in ensuring directors are fulfilling their portfolios and managing the strategic direction of the Association. They support directors where necessary and stand in for the President if they are away or busy. The Vice-President is also in charge of maintaining merchandise stocks to ensure that hoodies and t-shirts don’t sell out. They also serve on the Electoral Sub-Committee.

Incumbent: Edward Burrows-Cheng

The Secretary is in charge of managing the logistical side of the management committee. As well as assisting the President and Vice- President with general management tasks, the Secretary is responsible for taking minutes at management committee meetings, ordering committee polo’s/business cards and keeping trophy and honour board engravings up to date. They also serve on the Electoral Sub-Committee.

Incumbent: Vanessa Gillam

The Treasurer is in charge of the Association’s finances. As well as preparing funding applications and submitting reimbursement forms to the finance office, the Treasurer is responsible for managing the Association’s bank account and cash flows. They also serve on the Electoral Sub-Committee.

Incumbent: Christian Whitfield

Corporate Relations Director
The Corporate Relations Director is responsible for liaising with law firms and businesses to provide sponsorship to the Association as well as arranging events promoting career opportunities for law students. The Corporate Relations Director will also liaise with Nadia Singh, the Graduate Placement Manager of the Law Faculty, to ensure clerkship and other presentations are promoted to students.

Incumbent: Rosie Kapur

Social Director
The Social Director is in charge of all social events run by the Association. As well as organising the annual Law Week and Law Ball, they must facilitate semesterly events such as Illegally Bond, BBQ + Beats, Pancakes and Poptunes, and Protrackstination and any new events they conceive.

Incumbent: Cluny MacPherson

Academic Affairs Director
The Academic Affairs Director is responsible for overseeing the Class Representative system and Revision Seminars, maintaining the Online Tutor Database, and facilitating all academic initiatives for law students. They manage student concerns and liaise with the faculty to ensure our students get the best learning experience.

Incumbent: Katrina Ukmar

Competitions Director
The Competitions Director is in charge of facilitating all competitions run by the Association. Currently these include the Brian Orr Moot, Negotiation Competition, Client Interview, Witness Examination and Paper Presentation. They are responsible for writing the problems, organising faculty judges, managing the draws and ensuring the competitions run as smoothly as possible.

Incumbent: Charlotte St Baker

Promotions Director
The Promotions Director is in charge of creating all promotional material for the Association’s events and competitions. This includes posters, videos, flyers and managing the LSA’s Instagram account. The Promotions Director is also responsible for organising the annual Law Revue.

Incumbent: Marty Campbell

Publications Director
The Publications Director is in charge of all the publications to which the LSA contributes. They must work closely with the BUSA Publications Director to maintain the LSA’s section in the campus wide publication. The Publications Director is also responsible for producing ‘360’ (the fresher guide to Bond Law School), the LSA’s Sponsorship Prospectus and the Career’s Guide.

Incumbent: Mikayla Briar-Mills (as Mikayla is away feel free to discuss the role with Edward Sinclair)

IT Director
The IT Director is responsible for maintaining the LSA’s website and Facebook page as well as creating online forms, online sign-up sheets and online ticket sales where necessary. In the past the IT Director has also run events aimed at assisting Law Students with the technical skills required to be a lawyer.

Incumbent: Ryan Starkey

Postgraduate Director
The Postgraduate Director is the management committee’s liaison with postgraduate students. They are responsible for presenting postgraduate student concerns to the management committee and the faculty and liaising with the Postgraduate Student Association to ensure the LSA maintains a good relationship with JD and Masters students.

Incumbent: Kevin Nanne

Special Interests Director
The Special Interests Director is a new role that will enhance the LSA. They will be the committee’s LGBTI Officer. This requires them to attend Faculty and external campus meetings where they will contribute to discussions and voice concerns on behalf of the LGBTI community. It also gives the Director and committee the chance to engage with issues such as Mental Health, and any other charities they wish to get involved with. There is great scope to do something new and exciting with this role!

Incumbent: As this is a new position, please feel free to discuss the role with Edward Sinclair.

You are welcome to contact any incumbent via Bond email or Facebook to discuss the role in more detail. For any other enquiries please email lsa@bond.edu.au