2 years ago

17 May, 2016

Bond LSA

Organised by:
Bond Law Students' Association LSA

HO HO HO, The award-winning BEST FSA event ILLEGALLY BOND is back for 162 and ready to rock your xmas socks! This semester the LSA is bringing you Xmas in July!!! (well actually May but lets not get too specific)

The scene of our xmas partaaay will be Vanity Nightclub where bells will jingle and your favourite carols (aka deepest DJ beats) will be sung with xmas cheer! We guarantee it won’t be a silent night ;)

So decide to come as Santa, a reindeer, your very own present, a snowman, snowflake, elf or anything in between, the LSA would sure love to have you!

Tickets will be on sale UNDER THE ARCH between 10am – 2pm MONDAY and TUESDAY Wk 1!

$10 for Bondies
$20 for Non-Bondies

**Note: Bring your Student ID to purchase a ticket.**

There will be a complimentary beverage on entry so make sure you arrive on time! Santa’s sleigh (aka BUSES) LEAVES DON’S TAVERN AT 8:30PM.

Remember, what’s cooler than being cool? Ice Cold! Can’t wait to see all you starry-eyed festive goers there

LSA (Legendary Santa Assistants)