2 years ago

2 June, 2016

Case Study 1, Level 4, Law Faculty

Organised by:
Bond Law Students' Association LSA

Come along to Case Study One this Thursday from 1pm-2pm to see Dr Kevin McNamara present a lecture exploring the issues of mental health.

Dr McNamara is an Associate Professor at Bond and will be sharing information about mental health issues, as well as offering guidance in regards to dealing with such problems.

Law students and people who work within the legal profession have a high risk of suffering from a mental health issue. In comparison to other degrees or workplaces, alarmingly high percentages of law students and lawyers experience mental health problems at some point in their career, ranging from high levels of distress, to depression and anxiety. This can come down to many factors, namely the high levels of stress and pressure that many people can feel in such a degree or work place.

To be informed on this topic and help spread knowledge and awareness, come along to the lecture this Thursday!