1 year ago

11 July, 2016

Bond LSA

Organised by:
Bond Law Students' Association LSA

The Witness Examination Competition will take place from Monday to Friday of week 9 this semester. This competition allows students to put their skills to the test, particularly advocacy, performing under pressure and legal knowledge. All law students are able to sign up and there are both junior and senior competitions, with the junior competition being for students who are in their first three semesters. Competitors are given the statement of a witness which represents one side of a charge or claim and are asked to craft a case for them in court.

Each student must:
-Make an opening statement
-Examine the witness to ensure that all the information from the statement is elicited to the court
-Protect the witness as best they can during cross-examination by the opposing counsel
-Cross-examine the opposing witness
-Make a concluding statement to the court

Sign ups are now open! https://bondlsa.com/comps/wit-ex/

Any questions please feel free to contact the Competitions Director at competitions@bondlsa.com