1 year ago

5 June, 2016

Bond University Student Association (BUSA)

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Bond University Student Association BUSA


Do you care about your Faculty? Do you think your Faculty is better than your mates? Do you want to prove to everyone that your Faculty is indeed the best?

HMSA holds the bragging rights at the moment, after their victory last sem!

No matter if you are sporty or not, this day promises to be full of fun and excitement.

During the day your Faculty will be competing in three high octane sports!

The sports being played will be:

Basketball (Mens and Womens)
Touch Rugby (Mixed)
Quidditch (Mixed)

The winning Faculty will get to choose the main event sport for the following semester, as long as it is different than the current main event.

Points will also be awarded to the faculty who has the most supporters at their events, so make sure even if you aren't competing, that you come and cheer your Faculty on!

After the events had ended hang around for some music and a BBQ!

The cost to compete is only $10, which buys you a Faculty Wars shirt, which your Faculties have designed. If you want the $10 back, just wash your shirt after use, bring it back, and you'll be $10 better off.

Prizes will be awarded to both male and female MVP's, as well as a spirit of the games award.

So formulate your teams, buy new sneakers, get some practice in, because the bragging rights for winning the first ever Faculty Wars will be immense.

To register contact your Faculties Committes, the best people to talk to are

HMSA: Josh Kalman
Email: josh.kalman@student.bond.edu.au

LSA: Edward Burrows-Cheng
Email: edward.burrows-cheng@student.bond.edu.au

BSA: Josh Lane
Email: josh.lane@student.bond.edu.au

SDSA: Blake Greenway
Email: blake.greenway@student.bond.edu.au