1 year ago

20 July, 2016

Classroom 06_2_09 @ Bond University

Organised by:
Bond University Business Students' Association (BSA)

Want to score an internship with MeMedia? Well, now is your chance!

The BSA has collaborated with MeMedia to present to you a marketing competition, one slightly different from the rest. This competition presents a great opportunity to showcase your skills and creativity, and potentially be rewarded with an internship for doing so.

MeMedia is an integrated digital marketing agency, and one of the few on the Gold Coast worthy of the name. Chris Hogan, founder and CEO, will be coming in on Wednesday in Week 10 (20 July) to give you more information about the competition and what it entails. So come along to room 06_2_09 next week at 1pm to find out!

HINT: Have a look at the GetFactUp videos on their website and you might be able guess what this competition is all about!

Please email our competitions director on amanda.yee@student.bond.edu.au if you have any questions.
ALL skill levels and faculties encouraged to apply!