2 years ago

7 June, 2016

Gregor Heiner Theatre, level 3 of HSM Building

Organised by:
Bond University Surgical Society BUSS

Tuesday 7th June

Bond University Surgical Society and MSSBU Physician’s Society proudly presents…

THE GREAT DEBATE: Surgeons vs Physicians

“The Operating Theatre is better than the Office at improving patient outcomes.”

Its that time of the year again folks! In a fierce contest to decide who reigns supreme in the the hospital corridors. We have put 3 Surgeons and 3 Physicians into the GHT arena and let them tear each other a new meatus. (Verbally of course) This is an unmissable tradition in the year for HSM students as they get to witness the uncensored banter that goes on behind those blue curtains. So roll up roll up people, come see the Great Debate!*

If you have any questions, please contact Jannat Islam (BUSS President on buss@student.bond.edu.au) or David Sender (Phys Soc President on david.sender@student.bond.edu.au).

6:30pm GHT
All years welcome
Dinner provided
Prizes to be won